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Steps For Using Google Voice

 Google Voice
Google Voice is a new service that is being developed. At this point, you need to be invited, but all you have to do is go to the Google Voice request page, click on the email link and sign up for it. Then, when available, you will receive an invite from Google.

  1. Request a Google Voice account. You have to request an invitation at this point, although Google is hoping to open the invitation up to everyone, eventually.
  2. Follow the directions in your email from Google after receiving an invitation. You will have to click a link to activate your new Google Voice account.
  3. Sign into your new Google Voice account.
  4. Choose your number. You can use your area code, zip code, or you can enter a word or phrase you'd like to include in the number.
  5. You can choose the an area code that pleases you. Some people choose an area code that is the same as their current land line or cell phone area code, but some people also choose an area code that is the same as someone they know far away. The reason for doing this the other person could then avoid long-distance charges. [Visite HERE]
  6. Listen to your first voice mail after completing the process.

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