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5 Steps To Chat in Gmail

5 Steps To Chat in Gmail
Do you know Gmail?  and how to chat in Gmail?Here  5 Steps To Chat in Gmail :
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  1. See whether your friend is online. This is indicated by a green dot (yellow if they're sort of busy, red if they want you to bug off already, and if they're offline, they're either really offline or invisible) or a green robot if you have the Android Lab feature installed.
  2. Then, click on their name on the chat list. Sometimes people hide their chat list, so it could be anywhere in your layout. Just look for a box named "Chat".
  3. Type in anything you want to say. A nice "Yo!" or "Sup!" or "Hey there!" will start off your conversation. Don't talk about the weather. That's tacky.
  4. Keep on chatting or do something else. To turn yourself invisible if someone is bugging you, click on your profile and then click "Invisible". This means that you appear offline when you're really not.
  5. Enjoy your chat.

source : WikiHowTo
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